Smiles Make The World Go Round

This is a quest for happiness

Starting 2018

We’re 12 days into the year. I’m happy that I started the year on a positive note. It’s pretty much embedded in me now to keep a positive desposition. I’ve dealth with all sorts of emotional roller coasters that keeping positive may be the only thing keeping me sane.

Before 2017 ended, I told myself that I would stop caring about what others thought of me. That their words (the hurtful ones) should not be heard and not let it affect me. And it works!

In 2018, at least thus far, I’ve come to terms that people will always have their opinions and thoughts. They may care although they sound condescending. But hey, I’m just gonna smile at you and not care. 

I’m doing what makes me happy. I’m keeping happiness a priority. I hope people can see beneath the superficial and discover that there is more to a person than what you see on the surface. 

Suffering from lobster face or some remnants of it cleared my mind and somewhat changed the way I think. I feel I now want personal friends/contacts and new friends to see me with lobster face, so that I can tell if they are true or if they are fakers.

So bring on 2018. A whole new way of life awaits.  

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Lobster face revelations

Once again, my face has gone completely berserk red. This is what I call lobster face. 

In the past, I would have been highly miserable when this happens. I would have gotten very upset and very angry. Why me? Why this? Why must I suffer? Why does everyone have beautiful skin except for me? Why does no one understand? It is painful, both physically and mentally. It is tough dealing with all the stares (that you are so ugly), that people try to avoid you (for fear of contagion), that people judge and condone you (why did you do this to yourself), and worst is when people laugh at you thinking to make jokes about your looks when you are already feeling so bad. All these brought me to tears many times.

This time, I find myself having some form of patience with lobster face. Although the physical pain is still here, I am trying to calm my mental state. It occurred to me, “maybe I’m lobster face so that others can appreciate their own beauty”, “maybe I’m lobster face so that I can see who are my real friends and who are the superficial ones”, “maybe I’m lobster face so that I understand pain and suffering”. And while there may be other reasons, these are enough to get me through for now. I don’t feel as upset as I used to be.

I am taking it in my stride. Lobster face is something I have to deal with. I hope I can make peace with lobster face. And whilst I hope that lobster face will leave me and never return, the lessons from lobster face will not be forgotten.

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Never be sad on a Friday

It was an awfully slow and quiet day at my new workplace. It’s my 3rd day and I haven’t made any friends. I had given up before I had really tried to make friends.

And then my good friend told me this:

Never be sad on a Friday. 

And she is so right. Never be sad on a Friday, or any other day in fact. Stay calm and remain positive. Some people take a long time to warm up. Some people just don’t want to make new friends. But don’t let this stop you from being the best you and the happy you.

And that line really perked me up. From pitying myself because I have to do lunch on my own, to enjoying my me time over lunch without a care in the world.

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Begin 2013…

And so 2012 has come and gone. Wow! Seriously. And I haven’t blogged on here for almost a year. Sorry blog!

And so this year, what are my resolutions? The same as always. To be happier and strive for a healthier lifestyle.

Any new revelations? Hmmm…I don’t know. I think it all boils down to the same thing still. To know yourself and what makes you happy. Does having a cuppa coffee make you happy? Does going on a trip to Europe make you happy? Does buying a house make you happy? Know what makes you smile and therefore evoke happiness. It could be the simple things in life. It could be the bigger ticket items. Heck, it could even be the freebies that nature provides. Let’s get to know ourselves over the year. And let’s be grateful for all that we have and are receiving. And let us be happy and happier. Let us be thankful to be happy and let us be happy that we’re thankful.

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Pursuing happiness

No..this isn’t about Will Smith’s movie. This is about pursuing what makes us smile from within. It is about making ourselves happy.

I’ve recently discovered that by saying and doing the things that my heart feels, I’m much happier cause there isn’t the burden of keeping it all in. Saying what you think and doing what you feel may backfire though. You may be rejected, dejected or laughed at. You may be frowned upon, lectured or ignored. But the point is, by letting it out, you set yourself free.

I’ve started to pursue my happiness this way. I’ve started to express my feelings more directly to others. I want to be open and I shall be.

I may not always say the right things and I may come off as being too emotional as well. But I realised that if we don’t take that step forward, we will never be free of “what ifs”.

I say what I want you to know. I do what I feel is right. The outcome is somewhat not as crucial, in a way that is. Of course I would want the hoped for outcome, but the fact that I’m just doing what I think would bring me that outcome makes me happy already.

So here’s wishing us good luck in pursuing happiness.

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Happiness is Fresh

Realising that happiness begins within is great. It lets you feel so much lighter knowing that it is not someone else who makes you happy. Instead it is you yourself.

We hold the key to how we feel and it is in coming to terms that you are more important than that other person that allows you to feel happiness.

Do what makes you happy. Do what makes you smile. Do not force or seek something beyond your control and you are set free.

Be happy with who you are. Be happy to be single but be open if someone right comes into your life.

Smile and the world smiles with you. Be happy!

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So let’s start. Everyone was born knowing how to smile. This is where I explore smiles and where they come from. Hmmm sounds too tech. No, this is just my random blogging on whatever makes me smile. Cheers all. 🙂

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